Attorney Member Card with Collective Membership Trademark


Spain-American Bar Association Attorney Membership Card

The Spain-American Bar Association (SABA) issues membership cards to eligible practicing attorney members to facilitate access to its services and promote cross-border legal cooperation between attorneys in the United States and Spain. The card identifies the card holder as admitted in the country concerned.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible to acquire and maintain the attorney membership card the member must:

a. be a practicing attorney in good standing in any jurisdiction of the United States or Spain;

b. agree to become familiar with and comply with the applicable standards of professional conduct required of attorneys in the United States and Spain;

c. unless exempt under the SABA's regulations, satisfy the minimum annual requirements of Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) credits approved by the Board of Directors of the SABA on topics pertaining to U.S.-Spain Comparative Law and U.S.-Spain Comparative Legal Ethics which meet the requirements for MCLE accreditation by a government attorney licensing authority of any jurisdiction of the United States;


d. agree to the terms of use of the attorney membership card.

The Spain-American Bar Association Attorney membership card is NOT a license to practice law. The practice of law is regulated and licensed by the state or government institutions in the respective jurisdictions of the United States or Spain. However, only licensed practicing attorneys who are already licensed in either Spain or the United States and meet the Eligibility Requirements above are eligible to receive the card.

Spain-American Bar Association Attorney Member Collective Membership Mark

The SABA Attorney Membership Card contains the SABA Attorney Member Collective Mark shown here:


The SABA Attorney Member Collective Mark is a trademark owned by the Association used by its members to collectively identify themselves with membership requirements set by the organization.

Collective membership marks are intended to identify the person as a member of a quality-driven association and cannot be used to certify any particular service or product that a member sells or otherwise provides. Rather, it indicates that one is a member as distinguished from non-members of the association.

The SABA Attorney Member Collective Membership Mark incorporates into its design the SABA logo which is a registered trademark of the SABA.

As the owner of the SABA Attorney Member Collective Membership Mark, the SABA has the primary responsibility of preventing its misuse.

Infringement and other misuse of the SABA Attorney Membership Card or collective membership mark will be vigorously prosecuted in accordance with the SABA Bylaws and internal regulations as well as the appropriate remedies under the applicable law.

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